Neat Project! Using a Real Orange & Olive Oil to make a CANDLE

Neat Project! Using a Real Orange & Olive Oil to make a CANDLE

My husband stumbled on this video and I thought it just too neat not to share with you all!

The guy is using the orange peel, some olive oil to make a candle he says will burn for approximately 1 hour. Too cool! I bet it smells great. I look forward to giving this one a try!

This could be a fun activity for the older kids as well! And they can eat the orange they peeled as they watch and talk about their new candles burning. How fun!   Please do keep in mind this should probably be done using something that can keep the orange still, maybe try using a cupcake tray or small bowl so that the orange stays in place and does not roll and create a fire!



Here’s his notes:

I’ve seen a few different posts about making a candle with oil and an orange, so I had to make a quick vid on it. First one I made burned for almost 3 hours off of 1 ounce of oil, although it does dry out the top and start blackening the edges after an hour or so. Just another little DIY project for keeping myself busy and being ready no matter what!!

Note: Definite potential fire hazard if spilled while lit!!!

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