Green Deane finds edible weeds in his friends suburbian backyard

Green Deane finds edible weeds in his friends suburbian backyard

Just finished watching this Green Deane video (shown below).  He goes through his friends backyard and points out all the edible weeds.  It’s pretty neat and you’ll most likely learn or engrave an understanding of what is edible and what is not, even from your own backyard!

I’m still pretty new to this but I did recognize the dandelions and some others that are very similar to the dandelion (and yes, edible).  I don’t know their full names so I won’t even go there just yet, but the video is great!

As a group activity you may try foraging in your own backyard or at a state park with your kids and see what edible plants you too can find.  But don’t eat any plant if you don’t know for 100% sure what it is and that it is safe.

I read recently from a foraging book where the author of the book pointed out that you would know an orange or a banana just by looking at it. So too when you become familiar with the weeds and you know that you know what it is, and that it is safe, that’s when it’s a good and safe time to eat the weed.  Otherwise keep studying the plants so that you can become more and more familiar with them.  If you do practice – finding edible foods in the backyard will become as easy to spot out as a orange or a banana – imagine that!  😀

A whirlwind tour of a friend’s backyard for foragable in suburbia. The video shows how even on a small piece of land there are plenty of edibles.

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