Activity – The Beauty of Different Perspectives

Activity – The Beauty of Different Perspectives

Today’s activity is all about perspective.  Everyone has a different perspective. They see life through different view points and perspectives.  This lesson is a great example of how we see things differently based off of the view point we have.  When we work together we can get a fuller perspective on life making it more rich, beautiful and fulfilling!

This activity takes approximately 1 hour (more or less).  The time really depends on how much you want to spend on the drawing, details and discussion.

To Begin

  • Parents / teachers try to participate in this activity, the children just love it when you do and it’s such a wonderful time to bond with them.
  • Start with picking a small object or toy.  If you have young children the object should have fewer details.  If you have older children consider something with more details.
  • Place this object on the table and have everyone sit in a chair around the object.
  • If there is a younger child present consider placing the side with less details towards them.


  • No one moves the object!
  • Draw the object based on your own perspective.  Do not draw what you believe another person can see, only what YOU can see.
  • When you’re done be quiet and let the others finish as well.  Perhaps you can add some extra stuff to your picture background for the fun of it while you are waiting for the others to finish.)
  • When everyone is done share the pictures with everyone and discuss the value of different perspectives.

It is important that everyone knows this is not a competition of who can draw the best.  The focus of the activity is to learn that everyone has a different perspective because what they see is different than what the other person sees.  Everyone’s perspective is equally valuable and beautiful in it’s own special way.

Consider giving some examples to the children showing how people from all around the world see things differently.  Explain how it helps us when we listen to other peoples perspectives because it helps us understand life better.

For example: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are all different books in the Bible written from 4 different people.  Each of these authors had a different perspective on what they saw happen.  Each perspective they shared added beauty and fullness to life as we learn more and more about our Savior through their eyes.


Our Experience

The following are 3 examples of 1 object my children and I drew together.  I placed a small Prairie schooner on the table top.  I had the back facing me as I knew this would probably be a more difficult perspective to draw for Christian and Isaiah.

The kids had a lot of fun drawing what they saw and sharing what they drew with each other.  They especially liked me joining them in this drawing activity. Talking about perspective helps them understand that each person sees things differently in life.

On one side of the wagon there were tools such as a shovel and gun stitched to the side of the wagon.  On the other side where Isaiah sat was some kind of wooden cage.  From my perspective I could see a very limited perspective of the back with a bag and barrel tied to the end.

Christian age 11

Isaiah age 9

Crystal Calhoun – Mommy and age at this point doesn’t matter anymore, lol


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